Clean Eating, Meal Prepping + Exercise

I must admit I have fallen off this wagon several times in the last year or two, but all that is about to change! Prepping your meals is one of the best things you can do for yourself if you plan on eating healthy, trust me. Nothing motivates me to eat healthy like a freezer full of ready cooked foods just staring back at me and begging me to eat them lol!

Meals: Starting next Monday 4.6.18, I will be going on a 28 day clean eating challenge (I’ll be challenging myself actually). This means no processed foods, no dairy, caffeine, refined sugar, wheat (or it’s derivatives), corn/maize, alcohol. Instead, I will consume healthy wholesome, natural foods which will nourish my body and repair my metabolism, which is currently quite messed up!

Exercise: I have really done poorly on this one in the last 6 months, mainly due to a severe back pain I had in December 2017, which has since healed. I am getting back on the saddle asap! My plan: 2 days of cardio, 2 days of strength/weight training and 1-2 days of relaxation exercises (I am not a fan of yoga so I normally do stretches, flexibility or do some foam roller exercises.

Let the fun begin – wish me luck😊😊

RECIPE:Tomato-Basil Soup

Tomato-Basil soup, made from scratch, delicious.

I was craving soup from ArtCafe, didn’t feel like going all the way there so I created my own. No recipe so I just winged it – here’s what I did. 

I used 4 large ripe tomatoes (roasted them for 45 minutes in the oven). 

Slice 1-2 onions, some crushed garlic and sautee in 2 tbsp  olive oil until soft. When tomatoes are ready, transfer into above mixture, together with any liquids in the roasting pan. Add 1 tbsp dried basil, you can also use fresh leaves but I didn’t have any, salt, pepper, other herbs of choice. Then pour in 2 cups, of  stock (i used water), simmer for 30 minutes, let it cool then blend. 

Filling foods

B. Protein: one study found  that increasing protein to 30% of your total daily caloric intake, can improve your sensitivity to Leyton, which makes you feel less hungry.  Good sources : yoghurt (yoghurt or Kefir), fish, eggs, chicken (most poultry), lean meats.

Filling foods

A. Complex Carbohydrates:
Complex carbs break down more slowly than simple carbs so they release sugar into the bloodstream more slowly, keeping insulin levels stable and enabling you to feel full longer.  Examples are barley, amaranth, Brown rice, whole oats, beans, peas, lentils (yes they’re carbs ), quinoa, sweet potatoes.



Today I decided to try some beetroot in my smoothie. The color is beautiful and striking,  gives it a nice tart taste:
Ingredients: beetroot, cucumber, mango, pineapple,  chia seeds for a boost and kefir for the base.



This is one of my favourite salads. I added boiled eggs for protein and some boiled arrowroot (Nduma) for a bit of carb. It’s dressed with olive oil,  vinegar, salt and black pepper.   Sprinkled roasted sesame seeds on top.
Carrots, tomatoes, white onion, cucumber and avocado and boiled eggs

Smoothie Dinner

During this month of March, I plan to replace one meal with a smoothie for at least 4 days. This will help boost my veggie intake and also might help me break through my plateau. Ingredients: baby spinach, cucumber, mango, pineapple and some avocado for creaminess. Added some chia seeds and used Kefir as a base.